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    • Templemore Cove

      In a celebration of art, Templemore continues the tradition of offering the greatest musical experience by opening another beautiful venue. Infusing a historic downtown district with a remarkable mix of old and new on a beautiful tropical-inspired region that can only be Templemore Cove. Spend time amongst good friends or meet new ones, soak up the sun in this tropical island paradise with its sandy beaches, romantic spots, and other various photogenic hot spots.

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    • Pony Box

      Pony Box is a community of music lovers where music speaks to the soul. You will find underground electronic sounds and beautiful landscaping for pictures.

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    • Furzona

      Furzona is a community based, cyberpunk-themed hangout with multiple areas to explore, including a Cyberpunk themed skybox known as The Mainframe, with holo-deck like simulations available to relax in. With Live DJ's and Hosts, Furzona specializes in live video displays and laser shows, showing off the capabilities of Second Life's engine.

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    • Endless 58-58N

      Endless 58-58N is a full region build by Sombre Nyx, inspired by Orkney, an archipelago of about 70 islands found to the north-east of Scotland. It is a destination renowned for its many wildlife populations and gorgeous vistas and landscapes, with terrain that ranges from wetlands, farmlands and rolling moors to dramatic sea cliffs and sandy beaches. In this virtual world, you'll find glimpses of the real place, hints and impressions of it. Above the Orkneys are other builds by Sombre Nyx, and YES by Jackson Cruyff.

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    • Chankanaab

      Chankanaab, a little jungle along the cerulean Caribbean waters, on the coast of the Yucatan. With authentic flora and fauna, Chankanaab is the next best thing to visiting Cozumel yourself. Come explore, take photographs, and meet a group of lovely people. Enjoy nature, if you like, or indulge your darker side.

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