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    • Arrela Kingdom Romantic Paradise

      Arrela Kingdom Romantic Paradise is a wonderful region dedicated to Love. A full intan to enjoy, a beautiful balloon and boat ride, formal promenade, fairy falls, ghost falls, and warrior falls are just some of the lovely attractions. There's also castle ruins, the ruins grotto, pretty gazebos, Craig Na Dun, and many beautiful photo areas and interesting spots to relax that make Arrela a true sanctuary.

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    • Murder City

      At Murder City you'll find neon lights, a bit of cyber, Scifi, futuristic, a bit of grunge, and a touch of danger. Come hang out, listen to music, take pics, and role-play is acceptable as well. Hunt for the hidden cash, the victims, and make new ones, friends that is! Everyone is welcome to come play at Murder City!

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    • Welcome Center: A Virtual Gen Con Experience

      Wish you could be gaming at Gen Con 2020? Visit the Welcome Center and learn how to participate in a virtual Gen Con experience that runs from July 30th to August 2nd. Learn more at and register for our events at

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    • Breath of Nature

      Breath of Nature is a countryside themed region with many lovely spots to explore, relax after a long day, or dance. For the photographers there are many posing opportunities. All are welcome, and don't forget to bring your camera with you!

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    • Little Santorini

      Little Santorini is a Second Life destination based off of the Greek Islands. The region is beautiful and immersive. You can walk on the volcanic sand beach with your lover or take a stroll through the markets as the locals sell their wares. You are able to rent authentic Greek-style homes whether you want to feel more like a local, or spoil yourself with a luxurious villa stay. There are plenty of other things to do such as scuba diving, visiting the hot springs, view from the lighthouse, cozy bonfire area, horseback riding, and taking pictures with donkeys, the list goes on!

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